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我們的使命是提供一個溫暖、和諧和友好的中心,以支持許多新移民的定居、社區,教育和健康活動。 為了實現這一目標,我們在任何時間都以最高標準努力。 我們與不同組織、機構和團體合作,為社區中的人們提供更好的生活訊息,建議和幫助。


The mission of the Chinese Cultural Association of Toronto is to bring the community together by conducting and presenting music and art festivals to reflect the multicultural mosaic of Canada’s past, present, and future.


The Chinese Cultural Association of Toronto (CCAT) has two fundamental capacities: service to the artists and their groups and community development. As a result of services rendered as evidenced in our organizational profile presented above, we have become a leader in both capacities, particularly in the Chinese-Canadian arts community and community in general. 


In the past ten years of programming, CCAT has concentrated primarily on developing services for the arts community as a presenter and collaborator as CCAT has a strong mandate to address the needs of the artist groups in the Greater Toronto area and beyond. It appears important to not only serve all areas of Toronto but to address the perception that CCAT’s future lies in developing its sustainability and capacities. Future opportunities appear to exist more in the area of partnerships with non-arts agencies for community development initiatives in such areas as education, newcomer services, cultural facilities development, cultural tourism, other forms of economic development, housing, community redevelopment, transportation, and quality of life for all Canadians.

The Chinese Cultural Association of Toronto was founded in 1993.  It was incorporated under the Ontario Business Corporations Act as a Non-Share Corporation on July 11, 2003, and the Corporate Number is 001551503.  The Association was registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, Charity Division, as a Charitable Organization effective January 12. 1996.  The registration number is 87387 5009RR0001

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